My Resume

Dr. Cesare Sassi, born in Milan, has a degree in Mathematics and Physics at the University of Pavia and received his diploma in Advanced Financial Management at IMEDE Lausanne.

Dr. Sassi has held various important positions during his rapid career:

In the sixties he was a Systems Engineer at IBM Italy and Honeywell, then  EDP manager in Finsider group.

In 1971 he held the position of Controller at Cartiere Sterzi, where he later returned as CEO.

In the years between 1974 and 1977 Dr. Sassi was CFO at BritishPetroleum.

In the early eighties he passed to Alivar group (Pavesi, Bertolli, De Rica, Pai) with the position of General Manager.

At the same time he was also director at Autogrill, president of Mills Pasta Ticino and Vice President of Cartiere Paolo Pigna.

In later years he covered the positions of Chairman for Fabbri group (Arbatax, CIR, CRDM, Valtellina, Nuramare, etc. for a total of 3,500 employees), Chairman of the Higher Institute of Computer Science (Istituto Superiore d’Informatica) and President of the Centrale del Latte di Milano.

Since 1992 he lives in Miami being an American citizen. He is president of Sasco Financial and manages several subsidiary companies.

Dr. Sassi has strongly participated in the life of the Italian community, holding the positions of founding chairman of the Organization for the Dissemination of Italian language (ODLI), president of the American Chamber of Commerce, coordinator President of Comites USA, Man of the Year 2005 for the American Biographical Institute, Honorary Member of the Academic Senate, of the European Academy for Economic and Cultural Relations and Man of the Year 2006 of Boy'sTowns of Italy.